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Update Kit for the Geomate.jr Geocaching GPS
Update Kit for the Geomate.jr
Keep your Geomate.jr Geocache Database Updated:
The Geomate.jr makes geocaching anywhere, anytime a breeze. And the 250,000 geocaches that the Geomate.jr comes with are sure to keep anyone busy for some time. But new caches are being added every day. And geocaches exist all around the world. So if you want fresh new caches, or are looking for a geocaching adventure in New Zealand (for example), then consider the Update Kit for your Geomate.jr.
What it Means to Have an Update Kit for the Geomate.jr:

With the Update Kit you'll:

  • Always have the latest and greatest nation-wide cache list.
  • Get every possible cache for any given region.
  • Vacationing in Germany? Then get the cache list for Germany. Or for England, or for Australia... providing world-wide coverage.
  • You can even customize your Geomate.jr – change the units or give it a name.
The Update Kit for the Geomate.jr consists of a special cable connecting a Windows-based PC to the Geomate.jr. The update itself is an interactive process via the website. This is a Windows PC only product; Mac is not supported at this time.
The Update Kit for the Geomate.jr is no longer available.