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Geomate.jr Geocaching GPS
Apisphere Geomate.jr
What is the Geomate.jr?
Simply put, the Geomate.jr is the easiest and quickest way to get in on the geocaching fun; just switch it on and be directed to the closest geocache. With over 250,000 pre-loaded cache locations covering all 50 U.S. states, you and your family could be out enjoying your own adventure for a long time to come. Geomate.jr is the anytime, anywhere, work out-of-the-box family-friendly geocaching GPS.
If You are not Familiar with Geocaching...
Hidden all over the United States and the rest of the world - behind bushes, inside logs, under park benches - are ‘geocaches’; containers of various size with a log book and trinkets (that can be traded) stashed inside. Your mission as a geocacher is to find them. This is done by getting coordinates of a cache from and then using a GPS receiver to locate the cache. Caches can be well hidden and often in very clever places, however, they are never buried.
The Geomate.jr Makes Geocaching Fun and Amazingly Easy:
Here are just some of the features of this family-friendly out-of-the-box geocaching GPS:
Cache Hunting - switch it on and follow the arrow and distance. That's all there is to it.
Cache Hints - get hints like the size, how well it’s hidden, and the terrain.
Get Lost Proof - after charging off into the woods, Geomate.jr will get you home. If you hold both buttons down at the starting point of your adventure, such as a parking lot or a trailhead, Geomate.jr will store that position. You can then navigate back to that location later on.
Found Log - a log of the found caches is always available.
Back to Basics - and if you want the basics like compass, latitude, longitude, and elevation, it is all available on the device.
The Geomate.jr is Future-proof with Geocache Updates:
New geocaches are being added all the time. With an Update Kit (sold separately), you can update your Geomate.jr with the latest U.S. geocache list, get geocache lists for other countries, or even personalize your Geomate.jr through user changeable settings.
Create Your Own Geocache Locations:
Now it's possible to create your own, private geocaching course. With the Update Kit you can create a custom geocache list and load it into as many Geomate.jr's as you desire. This is a great feature for scout troops, schools, and youth clubs.
Overview of Geomate.jr Specifications:

Here are the key Geomate.jr specifications:

  • GPS:
    • GPS - High sensitivity SiRFstarIII receiver
    • Tracking - L1/CA Code
    • Update rate - 1 Hz
  • Geocaches:
    • Coverage - All 50 U.S. states
    • Cache capacity - 250,000
    • Database - Updateable
    • Cache information - Size, terrain, difficulty, ID
  • Power:
    • Batteries - 2 x AAA, Replaceable
    • Battery life - Over 12 Hrs
  • Physical:
    • Weight - 3.2 Oz (with batteries)
    • Size - 1.9" x 3.7" x 1"
    • Environment - Splash proof.
The Geomate.jr is no longer available.