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Customer Feedback
When we go shopping on-line for merchandise and services, the first thing that we look for in a store is customer service. When there is no physical store to go to if a purchase does not turn out the way that we expected, the only recourse is to deal with the on-line store customer service department. Often, we get the "not our fault" runaround, no understanding of the problem, or no answer at all. At, our goal is to resolve any problem that arises to our customer's satisfaction, whenever possible. Here are some comments that we have received from satisfied customers:

"Outside of Ebay, I don't think I have ever written any feedback to companies I have purchased products from.  But I feel so good about how your company has treated me, I just had to write a note of thanks. 

I ordered a DeLorme PN-30 last Sunday.  Yours was the cheapest package by far at $260 with free shipping.  I was first impressed with your communication to me, how you let me know you received my order, processed it, and got it out the door.  I appreciated the personal touch.  Also, I didn't expect the quick priority shipping!  I received the GPS on Wednesday.  The unit works as advertised, and I am happy with the entire experience.  I just had to let the DeLorme community know how good your service is, so I posted high praise on the DeLorme customer forum for all to see.

Please keep up the good work.  You have guaranteed a return customer in me!" TG, Arizona

"Thanks for shipping my order promptly." MC, Oregon

"Thanks for the e-mails. I found out about your website from a search on Google. Your prices were better than the rest and the free shipping sealed the deal. I will continue ordering software from you so long as your business philosophy stays the same. It was nice dealing with a family business." DW, Texas
"Thanks!  This has been a delightful shopping experience!" DP, California

"I am touched by your service. Would buy again from your company. Thank you." KY, New Jersey

"Many thanks for your prompt and unusually attentive service." RZ, California

"[The package] arrived yesterday, just as you predicted! Thank you very much." KE, New Jersey

"Thanks Bart --  glad to have meet you -- will spread the word about your great customer service. Happy trails!" MG, Florida

"Our software map has been delivered today without any problems. Now we can
go on planning our next trip to Utah in August. Thanks again!" BS, Germany

"We received the order today, Wednesday.  Thanks for your quick service and great price." EL, Utah

"Today morning I received the orderd software. Thank you for your efforts." JF, Germany

"Now these are topo maps! Yeah, big difference compared to what I was seeing before. Many thanks for your personal service. I really found what I needed." AH, Alaska
"Thanks for your quick response!!! You have really a very good service! Great many thanks!" SA, Germany
"Thank you very much ... my belief [is reaffirmed] that I made
the correct decision purchasing the software from you. Again your website
was very informative and well put together which influenced my purchase. I
agree that it is more than the bottom line when making a purchase and your
prompt response will guarantee I will use you for my future mapping needs." BF, Minnesota
"Thank you for the very in-depth answers. You went beyond my expectations when answering my questions." JV, Ohio

"Thank you very much. I know a young scout who will definitely get much out of your software - he just passed my orienteering course and is working on his
next merit badge. The software is incredible!" LH, Washington

"I wanted to thank y'all for very good service, much appreciated. Item was here in two days after ordering and just in time for my outdoor adventures. Thanx!" TP, Tennessee
"I have received the order. Thanks, it was done in a timely fashion and very
smoothly. I'll recommend you to anyone." RL, Utah
"Thanks again for your excellent support." NH, Wisconsin
"The order arrived in fine shape. Thanks for the good service." LG, Washington

"Thank you for your quick response. You probably have the best online customer service I've ever delt with. I will definitely recommend you to others." CH, Pennsylvania

"I have received my Colorado and Alaska CD's today. Thank you for the quick service, I will recommend your company." AH, Quebec, Canada

"Bis jetzt habe ich zweimal TOPO!-Software bei bestellt, einmal nach Deutschland und einmal an meine Hotel-Adresse während meines USA-Aufenthaltes (um die teuren Versandkosten zu sparen). Beide Lieferungen wurden pünktlich und problemlos ausgeführt. Ich finde, hat die besten Preise und vor allen Dingen einen perfekten und sehr persönlichen Kundendienst. Vielen Dank; noch mal an Bart für all seine Bemühungen!!!" BS, Germany

"Thanks so much!  Your prices are very competitive! Happy Holidays!" LF, Maryland
"I received the package with the software today. Thank you very much for such a prompt service! You were also very polite and pleasant too. I'm looking forward to my husband opening the package on Christmas Day!" EL, California
"Thanks for the prompt service and communication about the order." VH, Ohio
"Received my order in fine condition on 3 January despite all the snow and ice.  Thanks for your great service!" MF, Colorado
"I have already passed your name along to a few people who were looking for software - I have never had this good of Customer Service! I will look you up in the future!" LM, Michigan