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DeLorme DigitalGlobe Map Library Annual Subscription Card - $29.95 including free economy shipping
DeLorme DigitalGlobe card
DeLorme Digital Globe MapLibrary Annual Subscription Card:

The DeLorme Digital Globe MapLibrary card provides users of both Topo USA or Topo North America software and Earthmate PN-Series GPS receivers with easy downloads of the following supplemental options:

  • Satellite Imagery for locations around the world
  • Aerial Imagery for locations around the world.
How Does the DeLorme DigitalGlobe Map Library Card Work?
DeLorme DigitalGlobe subscription card package
When you purchase the Digital Globe Map Library card you will receive an actual card with a unique serial number on it. That serial number will unlock the on-line Map Library for your use.
The subscription card requires no activation. You will access the DeLorme Map Library via the Topo USA or Topo North America NetLink tab, found in the software’s screen interface. NetLink requires an Internet connection. However, serial number activation and Map Library downloads are handled via the software interface. Please note that the DigitalGlobe Map Library subscription card does not work with the DeLorme Street Atlas USA titles, only with Topo USA or Topo North America.
A DigitalGlobe Map Library subscription entitles you to unlimited online downloads during the one-year subscription period. Downloaded maps, charts, and imagery are yours to keep.
The DigitalGlobe Map Library Card - a Perfect Companion to the DeLorme Topo Software or the PN-Series Handheld GPS Receiver:
The different types of detail inherent in each of the DigitalGlobe Map Library options provides subscribers with a unique ability to prepare for any kind of outdoor activity on the PC, and provide crystal-clear imagery for navigating in urban areas, backcountry locales, on the water, or wherever your travels take you worldwide.
On the PC, all downloaded content can be viewed within Topo USA or Topo North America software, either in full-screen mode, or in a split-screen side by side with a Topo USA/Topo North America map. The software’s draw tools enable you to mark or trace supplemental data features directly onto Topo USA/Topo North America maps with precise positional accuracy. The satellite and aerial imagery for locations around the world is at ultra high-resolution — up to 30 centimeters (.3 meters) per pixel.
For PN-Series GPS users, the imagery can easily be uploaded to the receiver. The device automatically “layers” the different options for optimal viewing; you can also turn any or all of them off as situations dictate.
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