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DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 Topographic Mapping Software on DVD
DeLorme Topo North America 10.0
If you're ready to purchase the DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 DVD software, you may do so below; otherwise, read-on to find out about the exciting features of Topo North America.
DeLorme Topo North America 10.0: the Most Comprehensive Mapping Software for Recreation

Topo North America 10.0 is the most comprehensive computer mapping program for outdoor recreation, with unsurpassed maps, available imagery, trip planning features, on-road navigation, and GPS capabilities. Everything that you might need comes in-the-box including:

  • Ability to share your custom maps via a secure Web URL
  • Complete U.S. and Canada topographic maps and detailed streets
  • Flexible printing choices
  • Major roads for Mexico
  • Extensive U.S. trails network and public lands, including BLM
  • Over 4 million places-of-interest (POIs) in the U.S. and Canada

In addition to the program DVD, you also get five regional discs of pre-cut PN-Series maps, to update your existing DeLorme Earthmate handheld GPS (PN-30 and higher).

What's New in DeLorme Topo North America 10.0:

The key new features of Topo North America 10.0 are:

  • Streamlined one-step sync feature for GPS data exchanges with DeLorme PN-Series receivers (PN-30 and higher)
  • Topographic and street detail for Canada
  • Automatic downloads of Pocket Query search results from
  • Additional U.S. public lands, including Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and State Trust Lands
  • Atlas & Gazetteer page grids
  • Over 210,000 new or updated streets and roads
  • Locations and descriptions for the destinations found in the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer™ series of paper topographic atlases
  • 11,000 added U.S. national forest trails.
DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 New and Enhanced Map Functionality:
The maps in DeLorme Topo North American 10.0 can be controlled using a variety of methods, including the traditional push-button zooming, which drills in/out while keeping the map exactly centered. Also, holding down the left mouse button enables you to drag and zoom, left-to-right, across the map, and moving the mouse in the same manner but in the opposite direction zooms out.
See the terrain in vivid detail using the 3-D map views and controls in DeLorme Topo North America 10.0. These realistic views also retain the various elements you add to your customized maps—trails, MapNotes, GPS waypoints, and Draw objects. The split-screen framework lets you see 2-D and 3-D maps side by side,
with linked Draw tools that move and update in tandem. You can also grab the 3-D map views using the image grabber tool and scroll rapidly through 3-D views with great precision.
The Profile tool in DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 lets you click on a route, line object, or body of water and see the elevation gain between one point and the next. This is ideal for bikers, hikers, and large rigs wanting to know the elevation on their trips. This feature also gives you the ability to import heart rate, speed, and cadence data from GPS wrist computers, and graph them with the terrain profile for evaluation of athlete performance.
DeLorme North America 10.0 employs several powerful search capabilities within the software. First is QuickSearch, where you type common requests including
towns, cities, lakes, mountains, lat/lons, ZIP codes, street addresses and many more to receive the quickest possible matches. The Advanced Search helps clarify more complex searches to provide the best possible results. Enhancements to Find include the ability to perform searches based on multiple criteria: address, intersection, place name, natural feature, coordinates, places of interest, and more.
DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 Map and Travel Data:
Topo North America 10.0 offers the best of both worlds—the latest USGS and Statistics Canada digital topographic data and the DeLorme street network. Unlike the scanned topographic paper maps used in many other topographic software products, this unique DeLorme data blending assures you are working with the latest information. Topo North America’s blended data enables smart searching, better labeling, and many other powerful software capabilities.
Topo North America 10.0 includes over 4 million U.S. and Canadien places of interest, including restaurants, lodgings, retailers, and businesses of all kinds.
You’ll also find backcountry locations, with descriptions, from the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer™ series of topographic map books. In addition to the enhanced topographic and street maps on the DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 DVD-ROM, your purchase entitles you to $40 in new Data Download Dollars, good for supplementary data as Web downloads. Options include USGS 1:24,000 and Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 quad maps, NOAA nautical charts, and the following imagery types: color aerial, black-and-white aerial, high-resolution cities (color aerial), and 10-meter color satellite. The NetLink tab of the DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 software is where you can download supplementary datasets.
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
DeLorme Topo North America sample map
Some of the above sample images show maps available for download from the DeLorme on-line map library.

For unlimited data downloads from the vast DeLorme library, consider the Map Library Card subscription service, which includes:

DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 GPS Features:

The DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 is designed to work with GPS handheld reveivers:

  • Complete map and imagery exchange capabilities with the DeLorme PN-series GPS handhelds (PN-30 and later).
  • GPS Waypoint Exchange: Use the automatic route generation tool to create the route you want without hand-drawing each object. Then upload this track log to your handheld GPS receiver and bring the information with you into the field. Bring your field data back into the desktop software from your GPS receiver to see where you have been. Topo North America 10.0 supports Garmin, Magellan, and most other NMEA-compliant receivers.
  • GPS Log Playback: Create a route along your favorite trail, right-click on the trail and Save as GPS Log File. Open the GPS tab, switch to 3-D mode, and play back the log file showing various icons moving along the trail. It’s as close to being there as one can get without actually leaving your home.
  • In-vehicle GPS Navigation with a Laptop PC and a DeLorme GPS Receiver:
    • Plan Trip option—estimate end of day breaks, fuel stops, and fuel cost
    • GPS Radar—find points of interest near your current location
    • Spoken directions and voice commands
    • 2-D or 3-D NavMode for hands-free full-screen view while navigating in your vehicle
    • UMPC mode—optimizes your screen for ultra-mobile PCs and small screens.
  • Paperless Geocaching:
    • Cache names on maps are hyperlinked to their pages
    • Search results from Pocket Queries created on download automatically to Topo North America 10.0
    • Ability to project waypoints for puzzle caches
    • One-step sync when sending caches to DeLorme PN-Series handhelds (PN-30 and later)
    • See cache descriptions in full, with other cachers’ log notes.
Other Core Functions Distinguish DeLorme Topo North America 10.0:
You can add MapNotes; draw your own circles, polygons, and squares; measure the area of your draw objects—even draw in your own roads and route on
them—these are amazingly powerful draw tools for the money.

The Measure Tool in DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 lets you measure linear distance and area on the map based on the units chosen in the Display tab of the Options dialog box. You can draw polygons on the map and see the square footage or acreage of plots of land.

You can right-click on the map in DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 to learn more about what’s underneath your cursor. Lat/Lon, names of streets and bodies of water—even local radio station information—can be viewed in this manner. Moreover, the bottom toolbar of the software displays a continuously updated readout of what’s underneath your cursor
Attaching images, web URLs, and other documents to the maps is easy with DeLorme Topo North America 10.0. For example, you can embed photos and diagrams showing fleet personnel what they will find at each location; or, embed URLs next to your important stops on the maps for easy access when additional information is needed or updated online. You can preserve a record of exactly where you took your digital photos—all you need is a GPS track. The enlargeable thumbnail images appear on your map exactly where you took them on your trip.
With So Many Features, the DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 is Still Easy-to-Use:
The E-Z Nav Toolbar runs along the top of the DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 interface and offers access to commonly needed options, including GPS settings, the Measure tool, MapShare and Routing functions. You can set your own keyboard shortcut preferences for optimum control when using a GPS. You can design your ideal in-vehicle navigation solution to your own personal specifications. And finally, the Topo North America 10.0 NetLink feature is your online link to DeLorme for important technical support messages, as well as the place where you select the download areas you want for use within the software.
The DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 Routing Capabilities:
You can route on roads or trails. Create automatic road routes to get you to the trailhead, then use automatic trail routing to bring on your hikes. You can create routes from the Route tab of the software, or by simply right-clicking on the map and setting your Starts, Stops, and Finish points.
With DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 you can create and save commonly-used names for places you visit often, such as “home,” work,” or “Dad’s.” Once these names are assigned, the routing Starts, Stops, and Finishes also display these names making retrieval easy for repeated usage. You can customize routes using your own names and save them within MapShare for others to see. You can also include up to 200 names from your address book to be recognized using this system.
Adding Local Roads to Routing, a DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 exclusive, is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases. This tool is located within the Draw tab and lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to another local road within the database. You can assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes, the software is smart enough to include these new local roads in the routing
calculations and also update the directions.
Printing and Sharing Your DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 Projects:
You can print crisp color or black and white maps that you control to best match what is seen on screen. The printed maps including the elevation profile or simply
print the elevation profile by itself. The split-screen maps show your various datasets and Draw objects.
The DeLorme MapShare makes it easy to share your customized maps and directions with family, friends, and business associates. You create exactly the content that you want and then post within our online MapShare library, which includes private administrative tools for you to manage. Similar to some of the
better online photo resources, MapShare allows you to provide controlled access to your important maps without worrying about email and spam filters.
DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 Minimum System Requirements:

Operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 with 1GB of RAM (2+ GB recommended)
  • Windows® 7 (all versions) with 1GB of RAM (2+ GB recommended)
  • Windows Vista® (all versions) with 512 MB RAM (1+ GB recommended)
  • Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later) with 512 MB RAM (1+ GB recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with Intel-based Macintosh computers running Boot Camp® for Windows XP/Vista/7.


  • 1.5 GHz or higher processor, Pentium 4, Athlon 64 or later
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (8 GB if all map data for North America is loaded to hard drive)
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The DeLorme Topo North America 10.0 software is not compatible with the PN-20 handheld GPS receiver.
This title is no longer available.