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The DeLorme XMap 7 GIS Professional: An Affordable and Easy-to-Use Professional Mapping and GPS Navigation Solution:
The XMap 7 GIS Professional software provides powerful business mapping tools for your desktop PC, Laptop, or Ultra Mobile PC.
You can empower your field force with this powerful and easy-to-use GIS viewer and business GPS navigation software, and print compelling and powerful business maps, including wall maps (XMap supports large-format plotter printers). The software includes the latest DeLorme navigation enhancements and GPX file support – XML GPS file support for drag and drop routing and off route direction presentation.
There are three versions in DeLorme's XMap series products: XMap 7 GIS Enterprise, XMap 7 GIS Editor, and XMap 7 Professional. The features of the three XMap titles are compared in detail on a separate page.
XMap 7 Professional Features Flexible Data Management and Viewing:
You can import low-cost aerial imagery into XMap from the on-line DeLorme map library, as well as the MrSID and GeoTIFF file formats. You can geo-code your data with the easy-to-use automatic bulk geo-data import tool, and easily import location-based records, customer delivery points, or contact databases. You can view GIS layers against DeLorme base maps, NOAA charts, aerial and satellite imagery sets as well. Finally, you can work with XMap GIS Enterprise and Editor views and GeoSpatial queries, and provide automatic data synchronization with a central GIS server and Redline field assets enabled by XMap GIS Enterprise edition.
DeLorme XMap 7 Professional Provides Full Support for the Earthmate GPS PN-40 Handheld:
This full compatibility allows you to maximize the use of powerful maps in the field. You can import field-collected GPS points or track files for use within XMap Professional, and empower your field technicians with the power of imagery and GIS views. You can export DeLorme topographic data, USGS Quad maps and aerial imagery, as well as OpenSpace files, to the Earthmate GPS PN-40 handheld.
Sample Maps that can be Used with the DeLorme XMap 7 Professional:
The following sample maps have been created using the XMap 7 Editor version of the software, but can be fully viewed in XMap Professional.
DeLorme XMap 7 Professional Additional Features:

Some of the additional features of XMap Professional 7 include:

  • Street Atlas Handheld mapping & navigation for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 PDAs
  • Online MapShare Functionality – free and unlimited sharing of your 2-D and 3-D map views
  • U.S. National Grid support with easy-to-read grid & zone identifiers
  • Latest DeLorme 3-D advances:
    • Access to completely updated USGS topographic maps
    • 3-D view perspective options, GPS compatible
    • Enhanced Terrain Profiling – track your speed and temperature vs. slope
    • Ability to pan in 3-D for rapid map redraws that create a seamless flyover experience
  • Command-line bulk importer – Geocode records in GIS Tab
  • Perform field database updates in conjunction with XMap GIS software titles
  • View GeoSpatial queries created in XMap GIS products (Enterprise and Editor versions).
Achieve File and Format Interoperability with the DeLorme XMap 7 Professional:
You can link Word documents, pic files, and URLs to points on the map, and work within multiple coordinate systems, including U.S. National Grid, a true Homeland Defense coordinate system. Also, using XMap GIS titles (Enterprise and Editor versions), you can convert ESRI, MapInfo, MrSid, GeoTIFF TWF and AutoCAD files and share them as OpenSpace layers with XMap Professional users.
The DeLorme XMap 7 Professional includes two-point Image Registration functionality, which you can use to register your raster images to a background of DeLorme data. This is a unique feature of the DeLorme XMap product line, which allows you to create totally custom maps for use on the PN-40 GPS handheld.
XMap 7 Professional Core Functions:
The following are some core functions of the DeLorme XMap 7 Professional software:
  • GIS Features: Import GIS data layers in DeLorme OpenSpace format that have been processed using XMap GIS Editor or Enterprise. OpenSpace layers contain points, lines, or polygons with all accompanying attributes and they retain the display characteristics that were assigned by the data administrator. You can run data queries that were saved in the OpenSpace layer and use the select tool in the toolbar to access the data related to each object. When used in conjunction with XMap GIS Enterprise, you can subscribe to specific data layers to automatically update the data to the latest version (Note that the GIS functionality in XMap 7 Professional cannot be used to import third party GIS data layers directly or to edit the geometry or attributes of a GIS object).
  • Map Controls: The maps can be controlled using a variety of methods, including the traditional push-button zooming, which drills in/out while keeping the map exactly centered. You can choose how your map looks: 2-D, 3-D, with or without shaded relief, contour lines, road data, and almost any of the underlying map attributes are controllable. Quickly compare aerial or satellite imagery with topographic quad maps or vector maps using XMap’s split-screen viewing option.
  • Find: DeLorme employs several powerful search capabilities within the software. The first is a simple box called QuickSearch where you type common requests including towns, cities, lakes, mountains, lat/long coordinates, ZIP codes, street addresses and many more to receive the quickest possible matches. The Advanced Search helps clarify more complex searches to provide the best possible results.
  • Add Local Roads: A DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases. This tool lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to another local road within the database. Assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes, the software is smart enough to include these new local roads in the routing calculations and also update the directions.
  • Five Different Coordinate Systems: Includes State Plane, Military Grid, UTM/UPS, Degree/Minute/Second, and the Updated U.S. National Grid.
US-Based Technical Support:
DeLorme realizes that complex GIS projects may require immediate and in-depth technical assistance. That is why the DeLorme XMap 7 Professional is fully backed by a highly trained staff of technical support specialists, based at the company headquarters in Yarmouth, ME.
What's New in XMap 7 GIS Professional:

The following are some of the new features found in version 7 of XMap GIS Professional:

  • Expanded geocoding format compatibility - Import point databases with Lat/Long, UTM, or SPCS coordinates
  • New Latitude and Longitude display - Geographic coordinates are now automatically added as an attribute for all point layers
  • New default symbology for GIS layers - Bright yellow color ensures maximum visibility against all types of base maps
  • Updated symbol set - New industry symbols, including wind turbine and oil derrick, for use in XMap and on the PN-40
  • Enhanced GIS layer management - New option settings to zoom to extent of layer when importing, limit the number of objects that can be displayed, and more
  • Improved query result management - Attribute table set to display filtered query results by default
  • Redesigned Handheld Export tab - Copy individual GIS layers to the PN-40 so each can be independently controlled on the device
  • Direct exchange of data between XMap's GIS tab and the PN-40 - Automatically send point layers and XMap Forms to the device and merge changes into the original layer
  • Streamlined map package creation for GIS layers - Automatically select the grid coverage to capture all objects in a layer
  • Updated PN-40 firmware - View, edit, and collect GIS data using XMap Forms; transfer, manage, and save GPX files on the PN-40's SD card
XMap 7 Professional System Requirements:
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 Business, or Ultimate (1 GB RAM minimum, 2+ GB recommended); Microsoft Windows Vista Business, or Ultimate (1 GB RAM minimum, 2+ GB recommended); Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2 (512 MB RAM minimum, 1+ GB recommended. Microsoft Windows 2000, 98, and ME and older are not supported.
Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.02, or newer.
Hardware: Intel Pentium PC 1.5 GHz or higher processor (1.5+ GHz Dual Core recommended); 2 GB of available hard-disk space (3+ GB recommended). Note: 4.1 GB of available hard disk space required to install phone data for all regions (can be run from DVD); DVD-ROM Drive; 3D-capable video card with 64 MB VRAM (128+ MB recommended) and 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher.
Note that XMap 7.0 does not support the AMD Athlon XP family of microprocessors. It does support the AMD Athlon 64 family. XMap 7.0 supports all Intel® CPUs 1.5GHz or higher processors. XMap Forms are only supported on IE 7.0 or higher.
GPS: DeLorme Earthmate, DeLorme GPS Tripmate, or any fully compatible NMEA receiver from Garmin, Magellan, Brunton, Rockwell/Conexant, Lowrance/Eagle, or Trimble. Note that while XMap 7 GIS Professional is compatible with all PN-series GPS handhelds, full functionality is possible through a firmware update available only for the PN-40 device.
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