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DeLorme XMap Professional Software Tools
We offer the following DeLorme XMap professional software tools (DeLorme's consumer products are described on a separate page):
There are three versions in DeLorme's XMap series products: XMap 7 GIS Enterprise, XMap 7 GIS Editor, and XMap 7 Professional. The features of the three XMap titles are compared in detail on a separate page. To help illustrate the exciting capabilities of the DeLorme XMap software, we've assembled a number of white papers and stories:
Please also note that the XMap titles offered by us do not include an Earthmate GPS receiver. If you're interested in an XMap/Earthmate GPS receiver bundle, please contact us and we'll be happy to go over the options and pricing with you.


XMap 7 GIS Enterprise:
The XMap 7 GIS Enterprise provide GIS Database management tools for efficient, enterprise-wide data deployment specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise GIS and IT administrators. The Enterprise version includes all XMap GIS Editor GIS capabilities, and adds other features such as geo-data integrity maintenance with check-out/check-in controls or field redlining gathering. The Enterprise version is IT administration tested to assist in network installation and SQL Server set-up.
DeLorme XMap 6 GIS Enterprise
This title is no longer available.
The XMap 8 GIS Editor is DeLorme's most popular GIS title designed for the GIS professional. XMap GIS Editor is truly easy-to-learn and provides all the advanced GIS tools required to build compelling visualizations of your business' infrastructure and field assets. The Editor version includes all XMap Professional features, plus tools to create, edit, import, and export ESRI shapefiles, Autocad and MapInfo files. This version of XMap Editior also includes a variety of GIS editing enhancements designed to expand your map making capabilities, multi-point image registration, and more.
DeLorme XMap 6 GIS Editor
This title is no longer available.
The DeLorme XMap 7 GIS Professional software provides mapping tools for consultants and field technicians with laptops, desktops or UMPC's. The software includes split screen views of topography, 3-D, and aerial imagery, complete MrSID and GeoTIFF aerial imagery suport, geo-code address or latitude/longitude databases, access to free township, range, and section data, two-point image registration, and more.
DeLorme XMap 6 GIS Professional
This title is not available.
Base Map Data for the DeLorme XMap Products:
The DeLorme World Base Map is a is a complete global data set with horizontal accuracy of +/- 50 meters. The DeLorme World Base Map is topological, routable, and GPS-navigable. It accurately portrays major transportation layers, inland and shoreline hydrography, agreed and disputed jurisdiction boundaries, and major geographic features.
DeLorme World Base Map
This title is not available.
The DeLorme XMap USA Topographic Map Data 2011, with Updated Streets is now available with 4 million Points-of-Interest (PoIs). It features 3-D viewing in XMap and is delivered on a single DVD. There are over 300,000 miles of trails and over 6 million streets and roads included. You can see instant elevation profiles showing cutaway views of terrain. The database also includes US land cover such as wetlands, forests, glaciers, grasslands, rock cover and more.
XMap USA Topographic Map Data 2008
The XMap Topographic Map Data is no longer available separately.