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Future map software products
Map software products are typically updated to a new version every year, or every few years. Typically, we try to manage our inventory to make sure that the older titles are sold ahead of the new arrivals, or are returned back to the manufacturer. But sometimes this proves impossible, and we end-up with a few copies of the older software. Hence it ends-up here, on the Discounted Items page.
Also, for one reason or another, an item is opened, but not used in any other way. Since it is essentially new, except for the opened package, we offer it here on the Discounted Items page, providing a way for a savvy shopper to save on a new and current product.
A brief description of the state of each product, as well as the reason why it's price is being discounted, is provided.
There are currently no discounted items available. Check back as we may add discounted stock at any time.