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Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager
Garmin MapSource US Topo 24K National Parks, West
Transfer Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks Between Garmin GPS and PC:
Simplify the pre-trip planning for your next outdoor adventure or business trip by using the Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager software to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your Garmin GPS and PC. Simply plan your next trip on a PC, download GPS data to your Garmin unit, and go. After the trip, you can use the Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager to archive GPS data for future use. Back up waypoints, routes and tracks that you've saved on your Garmin GPS to your PC using the Trip & Waypoint Manager software.
Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager Features:

The Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager software comes with a general worldwide database that provides basic cartography, including interstates, motorways, oceans, and various other general reference details to help you plan your next trip. Map detail also includes political boundaries, principal cities and towns.

This trip planning CD is designed for use with Garmin units that have no built-in map detail or city point database. The Trip & Waypoint Manager does not contain any detailed maps, and you are not able to download additional map detail to any Garmin GPS unit using this software. This software is not compatible with iQue.

GPS Compatibility:
The Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager is compatible with numerous Garmin GPS receivers. For a complete list of compatible devices, look at the product compatibility table to the right of this Garmin information page.
MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager Screen Examples:

Trip & Waypoint Manager waypoints


With the MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager you can easily transfer waypoints between your Garmin GPS device and your PC... well as routes.


Trip & Waypoint Manager routes


Purchase Garmin MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager at $29.95 including free economy shipping: