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MyTopo MapTech Terrain Navigator Pro Utah Map Software
My Topo Terrain Navigator Pro
Wide-ranging GPS Compatibility:
Terrain Navigator Pro Utah works with many GPS receivers. You can turn your PC into a moving map display. Connect a GPS and you'll see your position right on the screen. And, you can upload and download marks and tracks, but not maps, between your PC and popular GPS receivers. You can find detailed information regarding TNP Utah GPS compatibility on the MyTopo website.
With the latest version of TNP Utah, maps and photos can now be transferred to certain Garmin GPS units. The Colorado, Oregon, and Dakota series GPS handheld receivers support 'KMZ' maps, and Terrain Navigator Pro Utah can now generate these maps automatically and transfer them to a compatible GPS. A special 'Manage Maps' window has been added in the latest version of TNP Utah to allow easy access to maps created with Terrain Navigator Pro Utah for transfer to the GPS. Note that a firmware update (available free from Garmin) may be required to view the maps on the GPS.
With the MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Utah You Can Explore Every Inch of Terrain:
Downloads of aerial photographs for one year are included with Terrain Navigator Pro Utah. You can use aerial photos the same way that you use topo maps. All the mapping tools work with both. The MyTopo Internet servers store 1 meter resolution photos covering nearly 100% of lower 48 states. Many of these 1 meter photos are color and in most urban areas imagery is available at sub-meter resolutions.
Terrain Navigator Pro 2009 Aerial Images Status
Any aerial photos you save are yours to keep after the subscription expires. If you need more in the future, a second year subscription is $99.95.
Finally, bring maps and photos to life in 3D with Terrain Navigator Pro Utah. Simple navigation buttons let you rotate the view, exaggerate relief, even add special effects, such as fog or moonlight. You have the option of putting 2D and 3D side-by-side.
USGS topo maps are the recognized standard for off-road navigation. Terrain Navigator Pro Utah includes scans of official paper maps to produce clear and detailed images of all 58,000+ USGS maps. Each continental US disc contains up to 300 quads in two scales: 1:24/25,000 (7.5 minute series) and 1:100,000 scale.
Terrain Navigator Pro Utah is GIS and CAD Ready:
Create lines and points in Terrain Navigator Pro Utah and export them as shapefiles. Digital Elevation Models can be exported as BILs or USGS DEMs. Export maps and aerial photos as layers for popular GIS, CAD and Graphics applications by choosing a map projection and datum. There is also a FREE ArcGIS Extension which allows the Terrain Navigator Pro Utah raster cartography to be used directly in most Windows ArcGIS products. No exporting, importing or re-projection is required.
Terrain Navigator Pro Utah Can Help to Create Rich, Powerful Presentations:
Use customized Terrain Navigator Pro Utah maps and aerial photos in your web pages, office presentations, word processing and graphics software, including PowerPoint and Word. The TNP Utah high-quality color maps and crisp aerial photos give your presentations a highly professional look. You can record "3D fly-around" video clips, and post them on a web site, or spice up your PowerPoint presentations. The video clips can be e-mailed to clients, colleagues or friends, and played in Windows Media Player.
Dynamic Street Addressing and Google Earth Interface Window Features of the Terrain Navigator Pro Utah:
TNP streets sample image
As you move the cursor over maps or photos, Terrain Navigator Pro Utah displays street addresses. Click on streets or structures to add custom address labels. You can search for maps and locations by typing in an address, or purchase the U.S. Streets Module on DVD for an overlay of TeleAtlas streets on topos and photos.
A new feature added to the MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Utah 9.1 is a built-in interface window to display Google™ Earth. TNP Utah will open Google™ Earth within the program and allow users to simultaneously scroll and view USGS topos next to Google™ Earth images. TNP Utah 9.1 also makes it easy to import marks, labels and more from TNP Utah into Google™ Earth.
Terrain Navigator Pro Utah is the No-nonsense Mapping Solution for Serious Outdoor Business and Adventures:
MyTopo’s Terrain Navigator Pro Utah series has been fine-tuned based on more than a decade of feedback from professionals who rely heavily on maps in the field, from first responders and engineers, to geologists and foresters, to the most avid hikers and hunters. The Terrain Navigator Pro Utah software is accessible, powerful and intuitive, and its printed maps are expedition-ready.
Additional Information About Terrain Navigator Pro Utah:
Additional information about the MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Utah, including system requirements to run the software, can be found on the main MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro page.
Terrain Navigator Pro version 9.1 new features are described on the main TNP page.
Purchase MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Utah v9.1 with free economy shipping (List: $399.00 - add to cart to see your price):