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MyTopo Team Tracker Module for Terrain Navigator Pro
My Topo Terrain Navigator Pro
The Team Tracker Module - A Personnel Tracking Option for Terrain Navigator Pro:

How the Team Tracker Module for Terrain Navigator Pro works:

  • TNP plots the GPS position of the base station plus each of the remote GPS Mic equipped team member.
  • The team leader can color code each team’s radio for easy member tracking and location.
  • Terrain Navigator Pro can read both original and relayed position broadcasts, displays the data in a tracking data window and plots the position on the screen.
  • Alarm can be set to notify the base station that a remote unit has not moved in a certain period of time or that a team member hasn't checked in within a certain time period.
  • The Terrain Navigator Pro Team Tracker can receive text message sentences relayed from remote units and display the data in a message window (Mic must have text message capabilities).
  • The TNP Team Tracker keeps log files to retain data sent from the remote units to the base unit. The tracking data and the waypoint data can be reloaded to plot positions.
  • The Terrain Navigator Pro Team Tracker's GPS Wizard can automatically set the correct COM port during installation.
The Terrain Navigator Pro Team Tracker is an invaluable addition for TNP users who need to track field members in remote locations. By adding this module to Terrain Navigator Pro and equipping base and team members with GPS enabled radio handsets, such as Infinity Gear’s GPS MIC-1, the base station becomes the tracking center for your entire field operation. Each radio contact plots the exact location of the team member right on the TNP’s topographic maps or orthophotos and connects multiple contacts graphically.
Team Tracker Module for Terrain Navigator Pro sample
Team Tracker Module Requirements:
The Team Tracker Module for TNP requires Terrain Navigator Pro 8.5 or higher; a software upgrade from version 8.0 to 8.5 is included with the module. You can find other TNP system requirements on the main Terrain Navigator Pro series page.
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