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Game Management Units Boundaries for the National Geographic TOPO! State Map Software - Free!
GMU Boundaries for TOPO!
Game Management Units for TOPO! State Series Users:
Game Management Units are areas set forth by select states to effectively manage and control hunting. Each state has legal regulations governing each unit to provide hunters with an excellent experience, while managing game populations from year to year.
The GMUs Work with Related TOPO! State Products:
As a National Geographic TOPO! State Series map software user, you can select the GMUs for your state, and work with them as a layer within TOPO! You can select the Game Management Units for any of the available states on the CD-ROM, save them to a specific location on your hard drive, and use the zoom tool to access the GMU. Detailed instructions are provided in a brief User's Guide that is available on the CD-ROM.
Available States:

The following states' Game Management Units are included on the CD-ROM:

More recent GMUs may be available for download on the National Geographic mapXchange website.

Please Note that the Game Management Unit boundaries are provided courtesy of each of these states, and are only intended as a guide. Please refer to printed regulations for current legal descriptions. As with all maps, inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change. User assumes all risk associated with the use of these map overlays.
You can get a copy of the GMU Boundaries CD-ROM just by requesting it in the "Notes for this order" field that is on the first page of our shopping cart. We will include it with any order that contains at least one TOPO! State product (limit one GMU CD-ROM per order).