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National Geographic mapXchange Pacific Coast Trail and USA Hot Springs Locations for TOPO! State Map Software - Free!
PCT and USA Hot Springs for TOPO!
mapXchange Trails for TOPO! State Series Users:
mapXchange is the National Geographic website where users can download GPS trails for their TOPO! State Series map software. There is also the possibility to upload trails for sharing with other outdoor enthusiasts. There are thousands of trails available, each with a brief description and a GPS route from an actual hike.
Hikes from Virutally Every State in the USA:

A typical mapXchange trail listing provides a description and a downloadable .tpo file that then can be opened in a TOPO! State product:

  • File Name: LassenPeak.tpo
  • Author:
  • Description: Highlights: Unique volcanic landscape and wonderful views. Near: Lassen Volcanic National Park. Scenery: 4 Stars. Distance: 5 miles. Elevation gain: 2000 ft. Hike Time: 3.5 hours. Difficulty level: Moderate. Trail Condition: Well maintained trail. Hike Type: Out and Back. Visit for detail descriptions of this hike, photos, trailhead info, hiking guide references, and much more.
  • Activities: Hiking
  • Map Required: TOPO! California
A typical GPS trail looks like this:
Lassen Peak
Pacific Coast Trail and USA Hot Spring Locations CD-ROM Contains:

The contents of this CD-ROM are:

  • PCT California - can be used with TOPO! California
  • PCT Oregon - can be used with TOPO! Oregon
  • PCT Washington - can be used with TOPO! Washington
  • USA Hot Springs - these are hundreds of Hot Springs locations throughout the United States
  • Brief User's Guide.

Note that the USA Hot Springs .tpo file provides just the locations of Hot Springs throught the United States, and not any specific trails to get to them.

Please note that the user assumes all risk associated with the use of the .tpo files on this CD-ROM. As wil all maps and map-related data, inaccuracies may exist and conditions may change from those depicted in the files.
You can get a copy of the PCT and USA Hot Springs CD-ROM just by requesting it in the "Notes for this order" field that is on the first page of our shopping cart. We will include it with any order that contains at least one TOPO! State product (limit one PCT and USA Hot Springs CD-ROM per order).