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National Geographic TOPO! State Series Topographic Map Software for PC and Mac - New Product Package and Media
TOPO! State package change
Introducing a New, Uniform TOPO! State Series Product Package:
The National Geographic topographic map software for the United States is now available in a uniform product package, for both brick-and-mortar stores and on-line resellers. National Geographic Maps has updated the TOPO! State series product packaging in an effort to reduce the number of package versions on the market.
This physical package change coincides with the TOPO! software media change. The new TOPO! State Series software and map data come on DVD-ROM discs, as opposed to the CD-ROM discs in the previous clam-shell enclosure. Note that although the software version has been increased to 4.6, that reflects only the media change to DVD. Otherwise, the TOPO! State software contained in the new package is identical to version 4.5 offered on CD-ROMs.
For the time being, the graphics that are used on our website to show the appearance of the TOPO! State products will remain showing the previous retail package. Eventually, all pages will be updated to reflect the new, uniform retail box.
What TOPO! State Product Package Will You Receive?
We are in the process of rotating out the old package and stocking the new, DVD-ROM package. This means that you might still receive your TOPO! State software in the previous package, and on CD-ROMs. Please let us know in the "Notes for this order" field of the shopping cart if you'd like to receive one package or the other. If we can accommodate your request, we'll gladly do it. Keep in mind that as we sell off the TOPO! State titles in the old package, or for other reasons, we might not be able to fulfill your request.