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600ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle 600ml stainless steel water bottle
The Go-anywhere 600ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle:
The branded stainless steel water bottle is made from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. As a Seriously Safe Stainless product, it has absolutely no liner inside the bottle. It has been CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety and Information Act) Tested Safe, meaninng that it is completely free of lead and phthalates.
This durable and reusable bottle is 0.6 liter or 20.2 oz in size, and includes a carabiner for easy attachment to belt or backpack. We recommend that you wash it with baking soda or vinegar and tap water; putting it in the dishwasher may chip the exterior.
The 600ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle is available in dark blue. The black polypropylene cap features the #5 recycle code.
Purchase 600ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle at $14.95 including free economy shipping: