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SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2) Bonus Adventure Kit
SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Bonus Adventure Kit
Included FREE with Every SPOT-2 Sold:
The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Bonus Adventure Kit is included free with every SPOT-2 sold at, while supplies last. Included in the pack is a 15% Basic Service Discount and a handful of outdoor gadgets for the backcountry.

Here's what's included in the Bonus Adventure Kit:

  • 15% Service Discount Code:
    • Card included in package gives you 15% off one Basic Service activation when you enter the unique promo code printed on the card during the activation process at
  • Flotation Case:
    • For use with the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT-2)
    • Reliable self-righting flotation
    • Custom form-fitted construction
    • Rust and salt water resistant
    • Designed for belt or shoulder strap.
  • Micro LED Flashlight:
    • This eGear PICOLite projects a powerful 10 lumen beam up to 30 feet from an ultra-compact and tough cylindrical aluminum body weighing just 2/10 ounce. The PICOLite is the ultimate reliable personal flashlight that's so small you can always have a light with you.
  • Safety Whistle:
    • Be heard when it matters most by using this classic safety whistle.
  • Carabiner KeyChain:
    • Keep your keys or anything you want to secure handy.
  • Lanyard:
    • Hang your SPOT for easy access with this durable lanyard.
  • Safety Tips Bandana:
    • Loaded with general tips on outdoor preparedness and SPOT tips.
Please review further details of this offer on the website.