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DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus - $39.95 including free economy shipping
DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus
DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus - Smart Solutions for Your Business and Custom Mapping Needs:
Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus DVD provides an affordable yet powerful set of mapping tools that allow businesses and advanced mapping enthusiasts to visualize their own data on renowned DeLorme maps. You get all the Street Atlas mapping functionality, plus the ability to import and geo-locate your own text files from Excel, ACT! and other database programs. The 150 million included residential and business phone listings can be used to create your own databases (for example, all supermarkets within a radius), or to find friends and services across the U.S. and Canada.
Everything you need to create, customize, print, and share detailed maps containing your own contact address locations, and much more, is contained in the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus software. Create databases of your business information. Import, edit, and map your vital contact manager data, or additional data from Excel or other sources. Display radius information including acreage, square miles, more. Print notebook and wall-size maps for strategic planning, trade shows, dispatch, and other needs. Create ultra-detailed maps for high-impact presentations.
Custom Mapping Puts You in Control:

There are many custom mapping features provided with the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus DVD:

  • Import, edit, and map your vital contact manager data
  • Import, edit, and map your data collected in Microsoft Excel
  • Create and save your own databases showing precise locations
  • Add URLs, photos, and documents pin-pointed to map locations
  • Powerful draw tools let you display radius information including acreage and square footage
  • Plot large-format, wall-size maps for dispatch and other needs.

The Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus DVD software includes 150 million phone listings for database creation and travel:

  • Includes complete U.S. and Canadian business and white page phone listings
  • Create and save databases using the 150 million included phone listings
  • Turn phone numbers into places of interest that you can find when on the road - everything from repair shops to veterinarians - if it has a phone number, you can find it
  • Search and locate all the phone listings on detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada
  • Right-click on a street and see all phone listings and locations displayed.
All of these features are available on PCs, laptops, netbooks, and the Ultra Mobile Personal Computers.
Anyone Can Use the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus - No Expensive Consultants Needed:
You can save time and money by creating your own powerful geographical analyses. Create your own custom maps to show town planners and land developers, or use the phone listings to locate competition within your planned new retail store areas, or map existing clients and locate nearby business leads - the possibilities are endless.
geo-locate business contacts
Ideal for Motor Coachers and Long-Haul Truckers:
With DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus you can geo-locate stores (showing logos), plus all kinds of travel and repair services, restaurants, lodgings, attractions, and much more.
Navigate Worry-free with Voice Guided GPS:
The DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus features the new E-Z Nav wizard for on-the-go routing. Just search on any category (see below), choose your destination (retailer, hospital, gas station, friend’s address, etc), and start real-time navigation with your GPS receiver. Great for daily and overall trip planning, too.

The E-Z Nav search categories are:

  • A new address
  • Saved locations
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Auto & Travel
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Emergency & Community.
navigate with perspective
You can track your location in real-time with DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus and hear voice prompts for upcoming turns, with road names included. In addition, you can hear responses to your spoken questions, such as "How far to next turn?" You can see large, easily readable on-screen turn directions, while the GPS Radar feature locates upcoming food, fuel, lodging, etc., from your real-time location. Finally, there is the automatic Back-on-Track feature that recalculates your route if you go off-course.
To prepare for the trip, you can route from address-to-address or point-to-point. Favorite locations can be stored in a custom address book. Maps can be customized with detailed symbols and notes, and you can draw new, fully routable local roads as they are built. You can measure distance and area. Finally, you can print maps, routes, directions, and travel packages customized to your needs.
Collaboration Made Easy:
Use the MapShare feature of the DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus to send maps, routes, driving instructions, and customized notes to others via a secure Web link. Collaborate on business travel or vacation plans, or provide fool-proof maps and directions to any location to colleagues and friends.
The DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus Features Most Up-to-Date Detail for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico,


  • Street-level maps for the U.S. and Canada
  • Highway and major roads for Mexico
  • High-quality DeLorme maps showing labelled waterways and parks
  • XData feature for creating, managing, and locating your own database records.

You can download $40.00 of aerial imagery free using the Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus Netlink tab. The aerial imagery can be used with all the software's routing, GPS, and draw tools.

The DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus DVD Offers Countless Advantages Over Internet Mapping Sites,


  • Detailed highway and street level detail for the U.S. and Canada, highway and major road detail for Mexico
  • 150 million free phone listings
  • Always have the map you need as you travel, without reliance on Internet access availability
  • Use draw tools to add customized detail
  • Import, display, and manage your contact manager listings
  • Link photos, documents, and websites to your map files
  • Pre-plan your trips with automatic routing and access to over 4 million places of interest:
    • User controls let you override program routing so you can take exactly the roads you want - plan side trips, avoid congested areas, choose back roads, it's up to you
    • Locate restaurants, lodgings, attractions, truck stops, and businesses of all kinds
  • Calculate your fuel usage and costs
  • Print a variety of map packages, including turn details, auto-club-style trip-tiks, and more.
Renowned DeLorme U.S.-based Service and Support:
DeLorme has been at the forefront of mapping innovation since 1976. If you ever need help, DeLorme-trained technicians are located in the United States to assure you receive the highest level of service. In addition to phone support, DeLorme offers comprehensive online help as well as extensive tutorials and help on the software DVD-ROM.
System Requirements for DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus:
Windows System Requirements:
  • Windows 8: 1 GB RAM
  • Windows 7: 1 GB RAM
  • Windows Vista: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and later): 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 900 MHz or higher processor (1.6 GHz recommended)
  • 1.8 GB of available hard-disk space (700 MB if the data is not installed on the hard drive); 3.8 GB of available hard disk space to install phone data for all regions (can be run from DVD)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later, or equivalent
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 3-D capables video card with 32 MB VRAM (64 MB VRAM recommended).
  • Compatible with Intel-based Macintosh computers running Boot Camp for Windows XP
GPS Requirements:
  • DeLorme Earthmate or any fully compatible NMEA receiver from Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle, Brunton, Rockwell/Conexant, or Trimble that communicates through a com port.
The DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus DVD includes two DVDs, and you can install the program on your hard drive, or run it from the DVD if space is a concern.
Also, please note that some of the graphics shown on this page may be from an older version of Street Atlas USA, and are intended to present a general look and feel of the sofware rather than the exact features of the current version.
This title is not in stock.