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Installing TOPO! Software on a Windows Vista PC

Although the various TOPO! software titles are now compatible with the Microsoft Vista operating system, in some very infrequent cases issues may be encountered during the installation process. We are providing this information from National Geographic regarding Vista installations in these rare cases. TOPO! software includes the following National Geographic titles:

TOPO! California
Weekend Explorer 3D San Francisco
National Parks Explorer 3D
When installing the TOPO! software, Vista may ask you to 'Allow' the installer program to run, and might require you to enter an administrator password to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions, allowing Vista to run the setup.exe installer.
You should be able to install to the suggested 'Program Files' location, but if you experience any problems with this, please click the 'Browse...' button during installation and change the install location to the following: "c:\users\public\topo!". This will allow any user account on the PC to run the application.
If the program icon does not appear in the Windows Start menu, you can add one manually by right-clicking on the program icon and choosing 'Pin to Start Menu'. Locate the program icon by clicking 'Start > Computer' and browsing into the install folder (usually at "c:\program files\topo!").
After installing, we suggest that you check for any available updates to your software on the National Geographic website.
If you have trouble running an update that you have downloaded from the National Geographic website, try right-clicking on its icon and choosing 'Run as Administrator'. This will allow Windows Vista to properly update the application and related files.